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Red Ginseng


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Univera Red Ginseng Gold uses the third best red ginseng in the world that has been through natural process of production. It guarantees 100% absorption of red ginseng regardless of any physical constitution and is the ONLY product in Korea that allows everyone to enjoy 100% effects of red ginseng.

It contains saponin to maximize the metabolism and absorption of red ginseng and also UGSG red ginseng extract and Acanthopanax senticosus prescription that help to promote vitality, anti-stress and immunity controlling function.

Without the use of artificial sweeteners, the raw materials from organic plants are used and the natural flavours have been saved. Fructo-oligosaccharide, which is a natural sweetener, increases the absorption of functional ingredients and strengthens the intestines. In addition, with the use of natural sweeteners, People with diabetes can eat without any problem.

Besides that, Univera Red Ginseng comes in small pouches that is portable and easy to ingest.



1.   Contain active aloe that helps to increase body absorption rate and maximize metabolism
2.   Promote vitality, anti-stress and immunity controlling function
3.   Increases the absorption of functional ingredients and strengthens the intestines


UGSG (Univera ginsenoside standardized red ginseng) extract is produced from the joint development Of Univera, the frontrunner of the processing industry and Unigen. With Univera’s high technology , Phytologics has been used to standardize active ingredients of red ginseng and maximize the effects. It is a specialized red ginseng extract that can be trusted. Our Univera Red Ginseng Gold is of quality assurance products whereby it is produced according to GMP standards.

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