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W389 Spot Correcting Essence (Expiry date 24/08/2019)


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L’nitie’ W389 Crystal White Spot Correcting Essence 
UNI-WHITE B to a visible BRIGHTER SKIN in just days!

Univera is proud to present you with our LATEST L’nitie’ W389 Spot Correcting Essence! UNI-WHITE, the component which the whole world recognized is now even better and 
more effective! Our second generation technology UNI-WHITE B, a patent that was developed through our Univera High-tech Research Result with the 2 most POWERFUL DUO

ingredients from “Flax Lily” and “Babchi Plant” in solving Skin Pigmentation!

L’nitie’ -- a skin healing program of natural medicinal plants
W389 -- Specialized Brightening Care Line is created by the science of natural substance

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