Baby Care


We understand that everyone wants the best for their kids. That’s why our HUG range is made of the safest, highest grade ingredients so you can use our products without worry. It is 100% of natural substances, non toxic and EWG best rated.

Univera’s patented organic aloe plant means that the plant is organically farmed and manufacture with high quality of protection, providing growth and moisture to the baby skin.

No animal-sourced ingredients, sysnthetic preservatives and coloring agents.


Organically grown and patented baby aloe Hug is based on patented baby aloe organically grown by Univera to have the effects of moisturization, protection and growth optimized for baby's skin, and even better than ordinary aloe. which are gentle on skin.

Cleanses baby's skin while moisturizing

Protect baby's skin from harsh weather and environment

Made of natural ingredients with no added chemical components


Baby Care

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