The Legacy


In the words of Mr. Bill Lee, son of Yunho Lee and CEO, Univera, Inc.:

“My father, Yunho Lee, first established the true foundation of our company and its mission: to bring the best of nature to humankind.

My father's commitment to natural products began with his life-changing results from Aloe vera. His experience was so profound that he created our company as a vehicle to bring these benefits to others around the world.

"My father and I had a lengthy discussion about what we would call our consumer product sales company when we were ready to become a global entity. While discussing options, the meaning of Univera was appealing to both of us. 'Uni' means 'one,' and 'vera' means 'truth.' This name represents our commitment to take the one true path towards the mission of bringing the best of nature to humankind, which is our Corporate vision. Although I lost my beloved father one decade ago, my belief in that core vision is stronger than ever."

- Bill Lee

His vision has become my mission and legacy. For the last 20 years, I have been building our global capability to fulfill these goals.

In Univera, we have created a system that is not only a vehicle for distribution, it is a movement to share these benefits. It is a community committed to that purpose, a community where all can share vitality, prosperity and purpose together.

Our mission is not built on dreams. It is built on a proven global infrastructure that ensures our purpose is matched by our capabilities.

Our company was built on three simple principles: vitality, prosperity and purpose, which individually and together offer you the opportunity to design your life the way you want it to be. We provide extraordinary wellness products and unmatched financial opportunity.

But it is the foundation of our company and its purpose that has attracted so many people that now call Univera home.”