Organically grown and patented baby aloe Hug is based on patented baby aloe organically grown by Univera to have the effects of moisturization, protection and growth optimized for baby's skin, and even better than ordinary aloe. which are gentle on skin.

Univera Advantage

We understand that everyone wants the best for their kids. That’s why our HUG range is made of the safest, highest grade ingredients so you can use our products without worry. It is 100% of natural substances, non toxic and EWG best rated.

Univera’s patented organic aloe plant means that the plant is organically farmed and manufacture with high quality of protection, providing growth and moisture to the baby skin.

No animal-sourced ingredients, synthetic preservatives and coloring agents.

HUG Baby Mild Foaming Shampoo 250mL

Rich lather created from coconut oil extract to removes the surface soil and dust from the hair and at the same time, moisturizes the scalp with Baby Aloe and black bean extract.

HUG Baby Dust Clean Wash 220mL

Rich Lather from 100% natural components which help to remove the dust and surface oil, keeping the skin clean, moisturized and hydrate without any skin damage.

HUG Baby Moisture Lotion 220mL

Our Moisture Lotion contains organic natural oils to protect dry and sensitive skin, while moisturizes it with baby aloe and quinoa extract.

HUG Baby Sensitive Sun Cream 50mL

Natural oil extract and baby aloe to strengthen and protect skin and also increase moisturizing ability , while the green tea extract helps to protect the skin from harmful substances.

HUG Baby Aloe 100 Soothing Gel

Baby skin is very weak and can be easily damaged under sunlight. With this HUG Baby Aloe 100 Soothing Gel, it helps to immediately hydrate the skin while providing refreshment at the same time.

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