A solution for thirsty skin, the moisturizing effect of M40x range is 40 times more than the aloe vera plant, which means skin is hydrated deep through each layer; resulting in youthful appearance 24/7, all year long, timelessly.

No animal-sourced ingredients, synthetic preservatives and coloring agents.

Step 1

M40x Cleansing Oil

A moist cleansing oil which contains botanical oil (no irritation) and Aloe, that eliminates makeup and cleanses your face at the same time.

Step 2

M40x Mild Foam Cleanser

Cleanse face using M40x Mild Foam Cleanser. Made of botanical ingredients and aloe flower, this gentle foam cleanses gentle and effectively.

Step 3

M40x Aqua Power Toner

Damp a cotton pad with M40x Aqua Power Toner and pat evenly onto face. The aloe water and aloe ingredients of this refreshing toner helps the skin to absorb the moisture faster.

Step 4

M40x Aqua Power Lotion

Apply M40x Aqua Power Lotion on face and neck. This lotion strengthens skin’s moisture barrier.

Step 5

M40x Magic Gel Essence

Massage M40x Magic Gel Essence on skin. More powerful than ampoule, this essence enhances the aquaporin to increase moisture circulation so that skin stays moisturised all day long.

Step 6

M40x Facial Skinny Mask

Use M40x Facial Skinny Mask 2 – 3 times a week. Designed to fit Asian face features perfectly, this mask provides 5 skin care benefits - moisturizing, firming, calming, improving skin’s overall appearance and vitality.

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